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Originally Posted by CookingWithGas View Post
It's a simple idea and it works, but it's not as easy to put into practice as it seems. If I get to know somebody I can remember them for the rest of my life, but I have trouble remembering people that I have just met because when I meet them my brain focuses on trying to present a good first impression and it totally turns off the "get their name" function. But if you can look someone in the eye, shake hands, and then also think at the same time, "This guy has a huge nose, and 'Jack' rhymes with tack so I picture this guy with a huge tack sticking out of his huge nose" then you're set.
I've heard this a idea a gazillion times, but in my experience, to say that "it's not as easy as it seems" is a HUGE understatement. In your example, when I meet this guy the next time, I might notice his big nose, but what will remind me to think of the tack? That's the part I could never figure out.

In contrast, if Jack was a taxi driver, and always dressed like a taxi driver, then the odds are half-decent that the next time I meet him, his uniform MIGHT remind me that "hack" is slang for taxi driver, and then I MIGHT be lucky enough make the connection to "Jack".

But such a set of connections are very rare, and in my view Occam would say that Zeldar's performer simply had a great memory.

(PS: When I first heard of face blindness, I was convinced that to be my problem. But I have since learned otherwise. I can easily tell faces apart; my only problem is associating them with a name. I'll often tell my wife something like, "Remember that woman who sat on your left at the party last week? She sent regards." I remember the person from previous encounters, but can't remember the name.)