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Originally Posted by Scarlett67 View Post
I think it's also important to remember that there's absolutely no shame in admitting it. "Hi, nice to see you again! I'm Scarlett, and I'm so terrible at remembering names; please tell me yours again?" Just remember that everyone forgets names, and none of us mind when people forget our names, so why should someone get upset if you forgot? (And if they do get upset, well, then they're a dick.)
So true. My trick is I usually ask again at the end of the first meeting, as in - say, it's been great meeting you, Bob was it? Ok Bob, have a safe flight home eh? I'm great at remembering people and names even years later after one quick meeting, but my real trick is creating a little relationship of some kind during that first meeting.

My theory is that I don't forget the names of people I know well, or my first cat or my grandmother, and that's because I know more about them than just their name and what they look like. Trying to remember just names and faces would be a real challenge, but remembering Bob, who laughed at my cowboy joke when we met at that sales meeting last year, or Mary the weird lady who helped me pick out a picture frame in the Walgreens last Christmas is no problem. Hey Helen! long time no see! Did you ever find your jacket after the Murphy's party?

I can learn enough about a person in five minutes to remember them forever if I'm really paying attention to them when we meet.