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Originally Posted by Zeldar View Post

There's an old joke that sort of ties in with the theme here. The third grade teacher was telling the kids at the beginning of the year about her unusual name.

"Now, boys and girls, my name is Ms. Prussy. And I want you to think of your kitty cat and just put an R in there so it will be easy to remember."

Next morning Little Johnny (who else?) comes in all grinning and greets her, "Good morning, Ms. Crunt."

When I was teaching at Penn State, I had a colleague whose last name was Yeagley. He would tell his students, "My name is Yeagley; there's a `y' on each end, and an `eagle' in the middle."

One year, several weeks after the beginning of school, he overheard the following conversation between two students:

First student: "I have this great physics teacher."

Second student: "Yeah? What's his name?"

First student: "Mr. Yowly."