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Originally Posted by Zeldar View Post
There's a book (maybe even a CD or DVD -- can't remember ) by a memory expert stage performer who used to be on Johnny Carson, that goes into memory tricks of all sorts.

Best I can recall (I only skimmed the book in a bookstore and didn't buy it) the names thing was a matter of associating facial (or bodily) features with some weirded up version of the name as a linking device.

This performer had as his feature bit, calling off the names of the entire audience, one by one, row by row, after only learning their names as they entered the theater. I wish I could remember his name...

Something Robbins, maybe?
Could you be thinking of Derren Brown? He has a book called Tricks of the mind, which has lots of memory related tricks.

I have the same problem as the OP btw, and have realized I'm face blind to an extent as well. I also can't describe faces, or picture them in my mind - not sure if that is outside the norm tough