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Originally Posted by Rilchiam
That said, I'm still going to ramp up the exercise, for its own sake. Now that it's no longer a pipe dream, I'd like to have good abs. I had to sit out almost the entire bare-midriff trend, even before I gained, and I hope it doesn't end before I catch up. I don't have as much ass as I used to either, and I hope you're not going to tell me it's pointless to try to firm that up! So thank you for listening. Guess I just needed to get that off my, uh, chest.
Oh, it's definitely not pointless! I've lost about 30lbs, and increased my muscle mass by about a metric assload (hee!) and I'm frankly amazed at my ass, because relative to what it was, DAMN!!! Firmer, higher, rounder, and practically sings "look at me!" in jeans. But I'm never going to have the perfectly smooth, unmarked, cellulite-free ass of a bikini model. That's okay, I don't need to. I'm NOT a bikini model.

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