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Originally Posted by Sattua
Fifty years of women's lib, and people still assume that any time a woman talks about her body, she must be doing it on a moral rather than purely practical level. And that she must be an ijit teenager with nothing more "profound" to think about. Tsk tsk.
Well, first of all, I did have an idea of how old Rilch is, generally, but to me at 52, anybody younger than 40 (i.e. "premenopausal") qualifies as a "young woman". If you crawled inside my mind to practice your ESP and got that I thought she was an idjit teenager with nothing profound to say, you might wanna rethink your vocation as telepath.

Second, anytime someone opens a MPSIMS thread with an emotional title--such as, for example, "I think I've ruined my boobs"--I believe we are entitled to assume that the OP is talking about her body on something other than a "purely practical" level.

Keep yer "tsk tsk" for somebody who needs it.

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