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Oh, don't worry, babe. Things will even out as the weight loss continues. Weight comes off in the opposite order in goes on. If you're predisposed to put weight around your middle, then you'll lose weight everywhere else first. Arms, thighs... hell, I knew a guy who lost weight from his head so his hats were all too loose.

Exercise will help tone you overall, so eventually you can get that more sculpted look.

It's like growing your hair out. You might look awesome with the short "Demi Moore in Ghost" haircut, and you may look awesome with long, lucious locks. But during the in-between stages, you've gotta wear a hat! Not suggesting you've got to be covering up or anything, just reminding you that, tranisition phases are always awkward, whether it's losing weight, going through puberty, or changing your hair.

With significant weight lost, it can take time for looser skin to sort out where it belongs. Wait until you've plateaued for a really long time, before you start considering something radical like surgery, and in the meantime you can get bras that offer you better support.