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SmartAleq, would it be possible to recreate, with free weights, what you want me to do with a butterfly machine? Because we have a stationary bike, which I've been using, and a weight bench and free weights, which I have not. The idea was that we'd never have to join a gym, which is good, because the one nearest us relocated. I'd like to see the results you're talking about, but I hope not to have to join a gym to produce them. What are pulldowns?

Cellphone, I'm trying to plateau right now. As I said, I'm getting close to my ribs, and I refuse to become one of those Californiacs who mutters, "I'm so fat, I'm so fat," while dieting, exercising and tanning* herself to the consistency of pemmican. I don't want to lose any more weight; I want to start toning my body as it now is. I'll get new bras, but surgery is not going to happen. And I'm not chasing the photographic ideal. I've seen Keira Knightley on screen and in person (briefly), just to name one actress, and I can tell the difference.

Thanks to all who congratulated me! I'll keep you apprised of further results!

*That's another thing I don't do. From birth to now, I have studiously avoided the sun. I remember being 12 or so, and having my abrasive Aunt J. say, waving her cigarette, "Rilchie, get out of the pool and get some sun! Your legs are as white as I don't know what!" Well, guess what, J. -- they're still as white as they were then. They're also still as smooth as they were then. Someone recently linked to a photo of Brigitte Bardot. That's what sun worshipping does to you. No thank you madam.