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Originally Posted by Duck Duck Goose
[shakes head sadly]

Fifty years of Wimmins Lib, and young women are still judging themselves by how their tits look? Egad.
Err... no... she's judging how her tits look by, uh, how her tits look.

Is a woman being critical of an aspect of her appearance forbidden now? Just because we don't base our self-worth on appearance, now we shouldn't give a rat's ass about it at all? I supposed we should just shlub around all slovenly and gross because after all, caring about our appearance means we're judging ourselves.

Forgive me and other women for caring about how we look. I think it's highly unfair of you to accuse us of therefore "judging" ourselves based on what we find. We're not allowed to be emotionally invested in our appearance? We're not allowed to try to look nice? We're not allowed to care when age makes us look worse than we used to? Christ there are a lot of rules, I need to go get a pencil.