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I can relate to the uhh, changes that aging and childbirth have brought about. However, the color of the glasses I now see my body through are far different than before. This body grew, nurtured and produced life and was able to sustain that life pretty single handedly for over a year. I sorta wish I had my pre-pregnancy (or heck, even pregnancy) boobs back, but these I have are better. I like the reminders of what I was able to do.

Then again, I typically like scars and such. I once stated after meeting a very generic short blonde with big tits that the best thing that could happen to her would be to get an interesting scar so you could tell her apart from the pack. It wasn't a nice thing to say, but seriously, she was pretty darned generic. I always viewed her as a can with a white label that had "SHORT BLONDE-BIG TITS" in big letters on it. (Not that there is anything wrong wiht that)

Congrats on your weight loss. It can take your body a while to get situated with its new self. Mine is still changing and my daughter is 19 months old. I firmly believe that your body has a spot it likes to be in and a way that it likes to be and left to its own devices will be as close to that as it can. If your body likes having bodacious tatas, I'd bet that ultimately, it will revert whichever way it can.