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Originally Posted by One And Only Wanderers View Post
Hmm would a storm with a deity behind it be affected by the spell? Is there any distinction in AD&D between "natural" weather and deity inspired weather?
So Hel's god-standard weather mojo battles against Thor's ADD. I see the spell takes 10 minutes to cast and a further 10 to manifest, so this could work.

Among the order, Durkevil's response might persuade Roy and leave Belkar speechless, but V is likely to wonder what's up. So would Haley if she was on deck. Even the ship's cleric might work out that Durkevil is attached to another deity.

"Would the older, definitely chaotic evil Belkar have reacted with such strenuous negativity to the vampire?"

Possibly, even at a gut level. Belkar was all id after all, before his better evil nature took over. Also, remember he was acting like a dick in prison maybe a day or a week ago within the strip.