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Originally Posted by chorpler View Post
Thor is chaotic? I thought the rule was that a cleric couldn't be more than one step away from their deity, so as a Lawful Good character, Durkon could only worship a Lawful Good, Neutral Good, or Lawful Neutral deity. Is that not the case in the OOTS-verse?

ETA: Or were you just describing his behavior (which certainly is chaotic) rather than his alignment?
Well, his behavior and his alignment should be the same thing - if he's acting in a chaotic manner, it's because he has a chaotic alignment. Most D&D systems that include Thor as a deity, list him as Chaotic Good, and that seems to best describe his behavior in the original Norse myths.

Technically, this means that Durkon shouldn't be able to be a priest of Thor, but Burlew has said before he's not going to let rules get in the way of the story.