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Originally Posted by chorpler View Post
Which is presumably why, after Durkon's awesome Control Weather display in this strip, the author felt the need to immediately lampshade it in the next strip.
Heh, I had forgotten about that gag.

But this being the second time raises a worrying concern about Durkon. Namely, who the hell routinely memorizes Control Weather ?

It's a 7th level spell. It's a completely useless 7th level spell (when your god doesn't cheat). And sure, it's probably one of Durkon's domain spells, what with the whole storm god thing, but Thor's other domains are Protection (Repulsion), Good (Holy Word), Strength (Bigsby's Grasping Hand) and War (Power Word:Blind). All of which are 10x more useful than stupid, screams-for-a-scroll-you'll-never-actually-use Control Weather !