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Originally Posted by Johnny Bravo View Post
Okay, I hear you. Let me make a suggestion:

Instead of watching the video, go pull up an audio recording of Cabinet Battle #1, and listen to it. Read along with the lyrics on (maybe pausing every now and then to read the annotations), then come back and tell us what you think.
Tried it.

There was a horrible, random, thumping electronic drum machine in the background of the recording that made it almost impossible to understand the words and very unpleasant to listen to. When I turned it up enough so i could understand the actors my fillings were vibrating from the poorly done drum track. I did read the lyrics through though and it seemed that they could have actually acted the scene with something approaching the original language and the scene would be clearer, more relatable and most likely more powerful.

What is it about putting unnatural language in the character's mouths and adding an overpowering fake drum loop that you think improves the piece?

I'm not suggesting the libretto is bad. I am sure this is based on good history. My question is why spoil the good history by hiding it behind a silly conceit.

What really does the anachronistic mode that this is presented in bring to the table except as a marketing ploy.