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Originally Posted by Pábitel View Post
When I first saw a scene from this as performed on some talk show I thought it was a joke scene put together to parody what a wasteland Broadway had become.

It took someone quite a while to convince me that this tripe was actually being performed in a real theater.

I have seen other bits and pieces of it since and have become convinced it is a joke. But the joke is on the theater going public. This just goes to show that the car crash theory of attracting an audience is now the mainstay of American entertainment.

Remember back when Jerry Springer was an outlier? When real housewives were the bedrock of America and not "Real Housewives" TM? I guess the Jersey shore always was a bit or a wasteland but at least it wasn't on television.

And now the founding fathers are reduced to a bunch of idiots jumping around the stage shouting.
I understand different strokes for different folks but your opinion boggles my mind. I literally haven't stopped listening to this soundtrack since I first heard it in January. It is amazing.

The music they chose is not random. Their point is to connect the history of rap and black culture with the history of America. That is one of the subtexts of the show. Many of the songs in Hamilton are call backs to famous hip hop music. But even putting that aside, the music is catchy as hell and the story of the birth of our nation is intriguing.

It is fair to say "This music just isn't for me". That is your opinion and your right but to call it technically sloppy and badly done is just wrong.