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Running behind on these. When I read the one line preview episode description, I pretty much predicted that "The New Crystal Gems" would feature Peridot pushily taking charge because Connie is deferential to Gems and Lapis is indifferent, but this would lead to conflict and/or disaster before they make up and resolve.

Surprisingly, a lot of the fandom hated this episode, mostly because of how Lapis was characterized, but I liked it a lot. I'm willing to cut the staff some slack on bending characterizations for the sake of comedy/parody, as they have made it clear they are making a cartoon and will go off plot or characterization for the sake of humor. Also, I, for one, don't expect every appearance of a character over a long series to be part of a progressing arc of character development. I also don't expect every appearance of a character with a traumatic past to be about dealing with the trauma.

Addressing some specific complaints the fandom has had about this episode:

-Lapis being callous towards Connie: I wouldn't consider them as actually having "met" in Ocean Gem, as Lapis was technically miles away on top of a column of water. Lapis is famously aloof towards towards others and hostile towards those she sees as invading her space. I can also see her being frosty towards other friends of Steven. She's willing to share him with Peridot ad his family (The Crystal Gems & Greg) but she seems to see Steven as HER true, special friend. I took "I almost drowned a lot of people" as one of Lapis' off-putting jokes rather than a callous statement.

-Lapis and Peridot fighting: Just because they have been shown getting along well doesn't mean they will always get along. I got along well with my sister growing up, but that doesn't mean we didn't have spats. Even in "Beta/Earthlings", I thought Lapis was partially humoring Peridot.

-Lapis is aloof! She would never act silly!: I would say that because she is so aloof is why she got carried away once she lowered her inhibitions.

I thought this was the funniest episode since "Restaurant Wars" or even "Hit The Diamond"

-"There is no Amethyst, only Garnet."
-Connie is Steven's third best firend
-Peridot's horror at being compared to Pearl.
-Everything Pumpkin does.
-Connie calling them out as superpowered children.
-Lapis' Amethyst impression
-"She didn't even cry."
-Peridot's metal bending has come a long way.
-Peridot not realizing that being called bossy is not a compiiment.