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Originally Posted by Johnny Ecks View Post
You forgot "Room for Ruby", in which we discover that just because Rubies are dumb doesn't mean they're stupid.
Didn't forget about it, but it didn't really fit in with the other four episodes as meta. I'm torn about this episode, as Steven could really have used a victory in recruiting a new Crystal Gem after his failures. However, while Navy is a cutie-patootie, she would be very grating as a regular character.

I wonder if Navy was lying about everything. Did she really like playing baseball? Was she really impressed by rain?

Of course, this episode has implications far beyond the events of this episode. Assuming Navy can find the rest of her squad and report back to homeworld, the Diamonds will soon find out that a) There are still Crystal Gems on Earth b) Exactly where they are on Earth and c) Steven has Rose Quartz' gem.