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Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
What constitutes "a team built around Cho-Gall"? I mean, just having Cho-Gall at all ties up 40% of your hero choices. And I can think of things that counter him (anything that does a percentage of a hero's life in damage), but I can't think of any healers that heal a teammate for a percentage of their life, or the like.
Auriel is the best healer for Cho'gall because she gets double energy from him. Cho'gall also has very little in the way of CC or chase, so characters who can help him facilitate kills are very useful. I particularly like having a Butcher along for the ride.

And still no answer on what voicelines, sprays, banners, and emojis are for?
They do nothing useful. You can use them during a match. Press "x" during the game to bring up a wheel. Banners pop up when you take a keep or a camp.