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Originally Posted by RandMcnally View Post
Valeera's a QM stomper. She isn't great in HL where you can draft around her and counter her pretty hard. In QM either someone has a counter and she's worthless. Or someone doesn't and she stomps.

I hate her character. I also hate the "unrevealable" mechanic.
Hear, hear! I know the stealth characters have always been somewhat annoying, but for my money, none have been as bad as Valeera (except maybe really old Nova back when she could instapop people). She combines the "huge damage from stealth" that Nova and Zeratul have along with the "unrevealable" bullshit that Samuro has. At least Samuro doesn't have the huge spike of damage to go along with it. She can also instantly enter stealth like him (whereas Nova and Zeratul have to wait for the perma-stealth to cooldown, and taking damage resets it) On top of that, she also has a stun and silence (whereas the other two only have slows), and can hit the target from sizeable range if she takes the Death From Above talent at 13. Yeah, she's easily counterable in draft mode, but god does she completely kill any fun in QM.

Varian's almost as bad, too... makes me wonder if there's instrinsically something flawed about trying to port over the WoW kits.