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I soloqueued into QM as Nova (someone help me, I can't stop) the other day. The enemy team was a four-stack of supports (Tyrande, Tassadar, Uther, Kharazim) and a random Gul'dan. They all went for damage builds. The map was Hanamura.

It was actually pretty funny. If Tassadar had taken some oracle talents, he could have shut me down. He didn't. If Kharazim and Uther had gone for their respective protective heroics they could've shut me down, but they didn't. So I actually had an excuse, a great excuse, to pick Triple Tap.

Fish in a barrel, man. All I had to do was wait for Tassadar's oracle to drop and attack whoever didn't have the shield. Pew pew pew. They didn't have nearly enough tools to save themselves from heavy burst damage.