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In my last 7 hero league matches, I have had this interaction 3 times now.

[8-12 minutes in. They're slightly ahead, maybe 1 fort ahead, or 1 level ahead, or we just lost a teamfight]

"lol gg"

"it's early, we're fine"

"no, [some particular player or 2] sucks, it's over, gg"

"if you keep typing instead of playing it'll be over, so just play"

"lol no, waste of time"

We then proceed to lose because that player is intentionally trying to tank the game. We lose.

"lol told you it was gg"

So I'm not high in HL. My MMR is at gold 1 / plat 5 territory (I keep getting the crown in a team of gold 1s), but I thought I was going to get clear of that shit when I got out of wood league. How the fuck does someone maintain a gold/plat level of play if they throw the game on purpose every time you're behind? If anything this game has comeback mechanics that are too generous, so giving up after 8-10 minutes is always stupid.

But it's pathetic. I think they get frustrated that it's not going well, so they try to regain some control over the situation by being the first guy to declare the game a loss, then make it happen, then gloat about how they were right. I fucking hate those toxic assholes, I wish they'd go ruin another game.

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