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Originally Posted by bmoak View Post
Well Stevenbomb Six started off with "Lion 4: Alternate Ending", a one-off, unconnected episode where Steven hashes over stuff he already hashed over in "Storm in the Room". Steven's still convinced that Rose had some grand design for him, so when he pesters Lion enough, Lion produces a large pink key from his mane. First thought is that it opens the locked chest inside Lion's mane, but that's not it. Lion takes Steven to the desert, where it turns out Rose had a storage shed full of junk that the key unlocks. Rose and Greg really were made for each other! Steven is not happy about this, but he finds a videotape labeled "For Nora". He freaks out about this, but then goes to Greg, who explained that Nora was the name he and Rose chose for a girl baby. The tape is mostly the same as is tape. Steven is reassured that the only purpose of his creation was for him to be Rose and Greg's child.

-The spoky end credit music is starting to unnerve me. I swear I can almost see something moving towards Beach City down from the lighthouse in the shot.
To me not so "one-off, unconnected". It's both a major part of Steven's character development (stylized adolescent work) and exploring what has been a major question of plot for the whole series.

"Storm in the Room" helped Steven get past the idealizing Rose phase and he's realized that she was not the perfect being. He's moved past anger mourning the ideal parent and into acceptance.

But he was hanging onto wanting trying to fulfill the destiny that his mother had in mind for him (if only he could know what it was), to meeting the expectation, especially of his mother but to some degree of what he perceives as what the other Gems think. For him to grow to a point of further accepting that Rose had no grand plan for him, that his future and what he's supposed to do is up to him, to lose that dependency on his mother (and the Gems) for directionality ... a big deal in the emotional arc.

And of course that is a big question in the plot arc for many of us. Did Rose have some plan by giving up her form so that a Gem-human hybrid could exist?