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Trying to bang these out and catch up before the 4-episode event on Memorial Day....

As for the rest of Stevenbomb 6, two episodes were loosely tied the the Bomb in that they were basically Beach City episodes with an ominous foreshadowing at the end. The final two episodes bring everything to a head, and then leave us with an actual season-ending cliffhanger.

"Doug Out" and "The Good Lars" actually work really well just as Beach City episodes, so I'll start with them here . "Doug Out" is Mr. Maheshwaren's first appearance in several seasons and his first ever appearance without the Doctor. Judging by how he acts in this episode, I'm guessing the Connie's mom is the one responsible for the strict discipline.
I found his lines even funnier when he was trying to be serious ("Funland Incorporated is not responsible for the harm that may occur if you try to operate a deep fryer without a license!") The Connie-and-her-dad stuff was cute.

"The Good Lars" shows the Lars has come a long way since "The New Lars", at least as far as opening up to Steven and Sadie. He's still so consumed by social anxiety and striving to fit in that he can't see what's in front of his face. Oddly, as much as he lacks confidence in his social standing, he is absolutely confident about his baking skills. For all the focus on Lars, Sadie is the character who develops in this episode.

-Where in the world is Veronica Cucamonga?
-Onion mimed out what happened to him pretty accurately. Too bad Steven can't understand his language.
-So Doug let Onion off the hook. but left him alone in the middle of the night in an deserted amusement park?
-"Everyone's gong to know I love baking, and everyone's going to know I love..."
-This ep confirms Lars as at least part Filipino. The purple yam is used in SE Asia, but ube is the Tagalog term.
-If you want to try ube desserts for yourself, get thee to a Jollibee. The Filipino-American chain has an Ube Pearl Cooler and ube is part of the Halo Halo as well.
-Looks like Buck is still taking guitar lessons (and still wearing his Guitar Dad T-shirt).
-You can see the painting Vidalia made of scantily-clad Yellowtail back in "Onion Gang" on the wall behind the chair.