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I wish they'd stop trying to shoehorn overwatch heroes into the game. Diva is annoying with her ability to never die. Genji is annoying with his various forms of extreme mobility creep. The only overwatch hero that hasn't detracted from the game is zarya, who isn't terribly necesary because of her design overlap with tassadar anyway.

It's just not a good formula - overwatch is a high mobility FPS game that's not gonna translate well into a MOBA, it just ends up creating mobility creep and annoying mechanics.

I made it up to 2500 MMR on both quickmatch and hero league according to hotslogs. At which point I was apparently hit with a doomswitch - after starting something like 40-23 in hero league (because even though I won 8 of my placement matches, I was placed way too low at gold 4) the game has apparently decided that my wins and losses had to be even and handed me a shitload of losses in a row. It's not just that I'm slightly outmatched and I've reached my ceiling - almost every game involves some sort of throwing of the game, usually by my teammates getting super toxic and spending the whole game trying to criticize others rather than play.

I can't believe no one can see that pattern. The team that types most loses. So many games I've been ahead, the better team by a decent margin, but then we have one setback - we lose an objective, a few people get killed - whatever, and then suddenly the game is all about "so and so sucks, gg" "wtf can't you play that hero" "what the fuck are you doing", etc. Then the other people stop playing to type, and then they bicker back and forth typing more than they're playing.

And it's like hey you fucking toxic morons, you understand that we're better, we're ahead, and if we just shut up, we win, right? But no, it's way more important to be super toxic and turn the game into a chatroom. I'm losing about 80% of my games recently, and I would say more than half of them are lost in that pattern.

So frustrating to be caught in a tidal wave of other people deliberately shooting themselves and your team in the foot. I'm not sure why I'm so unlucky as to get like 30 of these games in a row, but I went from 2500+ mmr down to 2250, and from 2 games away from platinum back to gold 4 where I started.