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Birthed 3 kids with 2 of them I was already suffering from the staghorn kidney stone in my left kidney. Unlike normal stones these guys are silent as in pain until one day you realize you have been on antibiotics for a couple of years for UTIs and sinus infections and your back really hurts to the point you were diagnosed with scoliosis... leaning away from the stone.

18 months of various ABX, and an ultrasound only to be told nothing was wrong with me. I had a meltdown and the urologist sent me for an XRay and, hey! Surgery! Your entire left kidney _is_ a stone! The ESWL pretty much killed what was left of my kidney but I did get to pass a stone the was like a pea cut in half (thankfully through a catheter type tube). Today they don't use ESWL on stones as big as mine was.

The difference in giving birth and passing stones is that with giving birth the pain comes in waves (contractions) that are long but have breaks in between. Passing stones equals intense constant pain that doesn't stop until the stone is gone. And I appreciated my babies a lot more than any of the stones or sand I passed.

The last time I passed a stone I did Lamaze breathing which impressed the nurse. She was also impressed on how much morphine it took to get me to relax. The doctor who did the catscan was amazed that my kidney was still working at all.

I'm on lifelong daily Nitrofurantoin since they couldn't remove all of the stone. Without the ABX the stone regrows but with it... it still grows but slower. 2 mm bigger the last time it was checked about 5 years ago. It's like not fun coral in my kidney.