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Originally Posted by RickJay View Post
Any World Cup final is bigger than ANY national championship in any sport in any country. More than a billion people - at least 25 times the population of Argentina - watched the 2018 final. A World Cup final draws ten times the viewers of a Super Bowl. It's not a close call...
I canít tell exactly what is being asked in the OP, but it seems to refer to the greatest rivalries. Iím not sure there have been enough World Cups to have real rivalries between countries. You could point to Brazil-Argentina or Germany-Holland, but they rarely meet in important World Cup games, and never in the World Cup final match. The biggest rivalries are generally within a league for club teams or within a continent for national teams. The OP refers to the Superclassico happening in the finals of the Copa Libertadores. This would be like Real Madrid facing FC Barcelona or Man United playing Liverpool in the final of the Champions League. So if the criterion is to have the most decorated and bitter rivals play for the most prestigious title in their sport, itís hard to argue with Boca-River in the CL final.
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