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Originally Posted by russian heel View Post
To put in perspective, thereís about 120 NCAAF FBS teams and 230ish draft spots every year. Say an average of 2000 of those players become draft eligible each year. Of those drafted letís say half make it to the NFL.

I know math is not perfect but that adds up to 3% of all draft eligible players making the NFL that year. And thatís not counting smaller FCS teams. Even if Iím off, itís still a very low number.

Itís like being the valedictorian of your High School and getting accepted to an Ivy League school: where it turns out, everyone else is a valedictorian too.

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Good points above.

Also, consider where the game is decided: on the lines.

Even if you have a 'terrible' team by NFL standards, all of these players were selected and evaluated by pro scouts. If the Crimson Tide were playing the equivalent of, say, the 2017 Cleveland Browns, as bad the Browns are (were), the Tide would still be facing offensive and defensive lines the likes of which they've never seen. Bigger, stronger, faster, and probably better coached, and experienced at dealing with elite linemen on the other side. The defense would most likely stuff the running game and Tua would be running for his life. A team that's used to running up 50-point margins of victory against FBS squads and 30-point margins against other SEC teams would find it challenging to move the ball at all.

It's also worth pointing out that as historically bad as the Browns were, they were still competitive. They still came close to winning games. They just couldn't make the right plays at the right time. But put a college team in the pros, and they probably wouldn't even be able to compete. They just wouldn't have the horses to run the race. Nick Saban's or Dabo Swinny's coaching wizardry might make it interesting on the first one or two possessions, but things would probably get ugly pretty quickly.