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Originally Posted by OldGuy View Post
Last year 12 Alabama players were drafted and that was a record. I relize a few people make the NFL undrafted, but I suspect more drafted players never play an NFL game.
In the case of those Alabama players, ten out of the 12 made NFL rosters, which is a pretty good hit rate; only the two drafted in the seventh round failed to stick (and even those two are currently on practice squads).

But, even then, of those 12 draftees, seven were drafted in round 4 or later, and players who get drafted that late often wind up as reserves, if they do make a roster at all (and that looks to be the case with most of these players).

So, what we wind up with here was a half-dozen or so seniors* from that Alabama team who were good enough to start in the NFL as rookies (and I'm including their punter there, who is now the Packers' punter). To that, we could likely add a few underclassmen who are probably good enough to play (possibly even start) in the NFL without more seasoning in college.

* - not every player who enters the draft is a senior, I recognize, but that's usually the case.