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Originally Posted by ekedolphin View Post
Smapti, having never watched New Japan Pro Wrestling myself, would you say that one of the promotion's current storylines is a desperation to get the World Heavyweight, Intercontinental, and U.S. Championships off of the gaijins?
If anything, they've got more gaijin champions than they've ever had and it's by design. The new CEO, Harold Meij, is Dutch-born and has been working in Japan since the '90s, and Bushiroad (NJPW's parent company) brought him in specifically to drum up interest outside of Japan. That's been the impetus behind their running shows in the US and co-promoting ROH shows, creating the US title, and the heavy emphasis on Bullet Club (which is mostly white guys and Tongans with one or two Japanese members) as a top stable for so many years.

The Elite (Cody, the Young Bucks, and Kenny) are relortedly opening their own promotion in 2019 as an expansion of what they did at All In, which is probably why they're all likely to drop their titles. Jericho is a free agent and can basically work anywhere he wants right now, and he's a legend in Japan, so what happens with him is anyone's guess.

As far as the US title goes, I'll be surprised if it's ever not a gaijin holding it - all four champs so far, being Kenny, Jay White, Juice, and Cody, have been Americans or Canadians.

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