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Originally Posted by DCnDC View Post
What IS insulting is Andrew Zimmern criticizing and diminishing the work of people who, unlike himself, do NOT have the luxury of deciding the level of "authenticity" of their restaurants. They are not in position of privilege where they get to make that decision; their businesses are their survival, and the survival of their families, and they produce the food that their customers will buy, period. It's not a pet project, it's their life. There's a reason Chinese takeout joints also sell wings, onion rings, sandwiches and subs, and I promise you it ain't because the proprietors' dream is to one day open a delicatessen. They're in the restaurant game to earn a living any way they can, and the fact that Andrew Zimmern is going to talk shit about what they do, even if he is 100% correct, is massively insulting.
Whether you're putting your all into it or not, living from day to day or not, if you run a Chinese restaurant and you are selling onion rings, I suspect that you would fairly agree that as far as authenticity goes, your place is horseshit. Someone with a restaurant like that has no delusion that their place is a little slice of Shanghai brought to Smallville. Nor are they going to begrudge another restaurateur from making his pitch to get his restaurant to be successful (so long as he doesn't start up a place across the street from yours).

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