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Ended the season on a high note with 130 points against Hamlet, but he basically won by dint of none of Mahomes' three TDs going to TyFreak. That, and Phil Lindsay breaking his wrist at halftime and becoming my fifth IR player (and one of eight players who ended the season on the injury inactive list). Had I beaten Ellis I would have won the championship game... but I didn't, so I didn't. Congrats on a well-deserved championship, Ellis!

Looking to next year, I suddenly have a ton of RB depth again. I doubt the Raiders are bringing back Lynch, and Kareem Hunt is bound to catch on somewhere by midseason). Chris Godwin should also be more reliable with D-Jax almost certain to leave Tampa. However, I'm going to need to find a fourth wide receiver, and another TE would be nice. I'm also going to be in trouble QB-wise if the Bucs don't bring back Jameis Winston to start next year (unless Josh Rosen has a Goff-like turnaround in Year 2).