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Eh, it works both ways. Those of us who travel have experienced perfectly dreadful "authentic" American, British, Mexican etc. food in other countries. (There are some good examples too, and I have had, for example, both good and bad Mexican food in Thailand.)

If you took a bunch of the glop Thais eat and served it in a restaurant in the US, the restaurant would go out of business before the month was out.

Thailand also has a fairly popular dish called "American fried rice." It was invented during the Vietnam War by a Thai cook serving the US base in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand. Fried rice with little Vienna sausages and an egg and other stuff thrown in, apparently trying to make the servicemen feel more at home. But that origin has largely been forgotten, and just about all Thais think Americans really do eat that regularly. It's actually not bad.
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