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Originally Posted by Filbert View Post
Like people have said, it's not as though the people, mostly Chinese immigrants, who opened Chinese restaurants cook the stuff they do because they can't do authentic Chinese food, it's because it's expensive or impractical to get the ingredients or it's just plain not as popular as the Americanised version.
Exactly. You make do with the local ingredients and tastes, and you create an extension of your cuisine. I look at Chinese-American and Italian-American foods as regional cuisines propogated by the ethnic diaspora abroad. So, in that sense, I think of them as an "authentic" arm of the source cuisine. So just like you have Sichuan and Hunan and Cantonese regions, I also thing of San Francisco and New York branches of Chinese cuisine, or even one large American region that is heavily influenced by Cantonese food, but modified to local ingredients and tastes.

That said, where I live, there's plenty of ethnic places where you can get food fairly close to cuisine as eaten in the home country, in addition to more localized variation on the ethnic cuisine.

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