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Portland is a town full of foodies and we get all kinds of interesting world and world/fusion cuisine here--my biggest quibble is that apparently most Portlanders are total weenies about spice in their food because I have to almost have a fight with the Thai places to get them to put some actual heat in their dishes for me. When I get done with a curry or pad Thai I want my sinuses cleared, my ears to be a bit red and eyes watering, dammit!

There's one little Chinese restaurant near me that I hadn't tried but as I'd drive past I'd notice there were only Asian people in the restaurant, which is pretty unusual for a considerably Caucasian city like this one. Went in one day and the menu had all the crazy stuff Americans don't eat on it--not being familiar with a lot of it, I just asked the waitperson to bring me what he'd bring his auntie and don't bother telling me what's in it. To this day I couldn't tell you what it was but he definitely took my request to heart and the cook staff were probably giggling at making the American eat weird things. Jokes on them, I lived in Japan for several years and got pretty used to eating weird shit and liking it, up to and including snacking on crispy grasshoppers and shredded octopus snacks. Whatever I ate that day, it was all absolutely delicious and I regret nothing. Haven't been back there in a while, it's probably past time I essay this experiment again.