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*SIGH* This thread is devolving into the usual, "I know authentic XXX food because my XXX friends tell me so!". China has 1.4 billion people spread over 3.7 million square miles. Seafood, beef, chicken, duck, lamb, etc. is not a common denominator for Chinese cuisine anymore than white rice is (which is not eaten in many northern parts of China). As with anywhere else in the world, people eat what's easiest to cultivate, both plants and animals. To narrow "Chinese food" to even a region, Hong Kong style, Schezhen style is disregarding the dozens of various of other styles within that region and the hundreds and thousands of Chinese cuisine that those not from that region are probably unaware of.

Ever notice that what the workers at a Chinese restaurant looks and smells better than what you've ordered? That's because they're often cooking "authentic" food for themselves, without the often toned down seasonings they serve to the majority of customers. At a very basic level, I always get "You sure?" when I order steamed pork hash with extra harm ha. Not only because I like harm ha, but steamed pork hash is one of the simplest to make at home dishes for a Chinese person with their Chinese equivalent of salt, pepper and ketchup.

Was Zimmern's comment insulting and degrading. Yes. But there is a lot of truth that a lot of what we consider "authentic Chinese" food is far from the source. But so is almost any cuisine eaten outside of its place of origin.

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