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A few days ago I had a sashimi bowl at a popular sushi / bento place. I knew something was a bit off when I saw that you could order a side of kim chee with your meal. Sure enough, the sashimi in my bowl was coated in sesame oil and seeds and there was a side of Korean style choi sam (mixed with sesame oil and seeds). Was it delicious, yes. Was it an authentic Japanese style donburi (bowl of rice covered with some top of topping), no.

This is common in Hawaii because of our large ethnic mix where food cultures are mixed to create something to meet local tastes. I had a friend from Samoa take me to a Korean owned store that served Samoan food. I asked her if it was authentic and she said it was exactly like what she used to get at home, including the use of New Zealand mutton. So you never know what you're going to get where!