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Originally Posted by madmonk28 View Post
My post was about how white Americans vampire off of other cultures and obsess about authenticity. In response, he brought up two black artists for some reason, kind of proving my point.
I originally didn't actually notice your emphisis on WHITE Americans, but speaking as a decidedly, distinctly NON WHITE American, one who has spent time in well over 25 different countries (15 in just the past 3 years alone) in my 48 years here on Earth, to claim that America, "WHITE" or otherwise, has created no original "culture" (however one might choose to define that) is laughably, unbelievably ignorant.

Whether or not they are cultures you or I might choose to personally identify with or claim as your own, from the Bluegrass & Bourbon culture of rural Appalachia to the California Surfers of the 1950's & 60's or the Summer of Love hippies, American (and yes, my 3 examples are primarily of WHITE American origin) these are all well known and both celebrated and imitated (for better or worse) worldwide, and to claim otherwise shows a lack of knowlege about both American culture and the things billions of non-Americans associate with the USA.

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