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Originally Posted by madmonk28 View Post
Good thing that is not what I claimed then.

Over three posts I had three points:
1. I've had Chinese food all over Asia and all of it had melded with local cuisine and the only people who worried about whether it was authentic or not were white Americans;
2. I proposed (somewhat jokingly) that the reason white Americans obsess over whether some cultural artifact (in this case Chinese food) is authentic is because their own culture is bland, so they feed off other cultures; and
3. White America often then takes ownership of the new cultural artifact (bringing it back to the subject of the OP).

You see? I made a small joke about the Gap and Jay Leno being the pinnacle of white American culture (two very boring and bland things) and then tied it back to why a very white chef in very white Minnesota felt empowered to tell Chinese restaurateurs they are doing it wrong. Then you clearly jumped in without reading the earlier posts and how my comments fit in to them so that you could be outraged by your misunderstanding.
No, when you specifically claim that WHITE AMERICA doesn't have "...any culture of our own, so we vampire off of other cultures to make ourselves less boring..." it tells me your opinion is from ignorance and very likely a deep-seated cultural insecurity, (not uncommon in Americans who have lived abroad for a short period of time who upon returning to live in the U.S. are desperate to show everyone their newfound worldly "sophistication") and so it should be given no serious consideration.

My mistake was to waste time pointing out your obvious error.