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Originally Posted by beowulff View Post
Leaving aside all the reprehensible misconduct issues for a moment, I'm kind of shocked that a (presumably healthy) baby can be born to a comatose patient at all.
According to the link, the mother was in the institution because of a traumatic brain injury, not because of any problems with her uterus or other reproductive organs. Gestation is pretty deeply embedded in the DNA, so to speak - it doesn't require much by way of brain function.

I have no idea of the effects of coma on reproductive health, but as long as she got adequate nutrition, which she seems to have done, I would expect the "housekeeping" functions of the body - digestion, excretion, and even (God help us) reproduction, to degenerate slowly enough to allow pregnancy. That's not to say that this kind of thing is a good idea, or not high-risk, as well as morally outrageous. IANAObstetrician.

The linked article quotes her mother as saying the patient is able to say Yes and No. I have no idea if that is accurate, or the facilitated communication thing, or something else.

Women can give birth under extreme circumstances.