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Originally Posted by kaylasdad99 View Post
I understand that, after being hospitalized due to a fall which rendered him comatose, Dr. Atkins (of the Atkins Diet fame), ballooned up to a state of obesity before he died.

So the phenomenon is not unheard of (the phenomenon of comatose people getting larger, not of men getting pregnant).
Dr. Atkins' massive weight gain in his last days was due to a phenomenon called third-spacing, where bodily fluids leak from the capillaries and even cell walls; the person becomes edematous and dehydrated at the same time. A relatively recent example that got in the news a few years ago involved the Ebola patients who were treated in the U.S. and Europe; many of them GAINED as much as 50 pounds over baseline, despite massive diarrhea and/or vomiting, and that's how it happened. One of them was so "puffy", IV access had to be obtained in their tibias, where there's a large marrow chamber just underneath the surface, and that's every bit as painful as it sounds. Apparently it's used quite a bit in critically ill babies and small children; I never personally saw an order for it.

I, too wonder what kind of "nursing home" she was in, for her caregivers not to notice that she was pregnant? For one thing, didn't she have menstrual cycles, and didn't anyone notice that she wasn't having them any more?

Some of us on another board also wondered if the perpetrator might not be someone who works there - because it was ANOTHER CLIENT. This is not uncommon in senior-oriented nursing homes or homes for people with traumatic brain injuries, due to the loss of inhibitions, or MR/DD facilities as well. It could also have been a contract employee, a relative of a visitor, etc. In any case, this person needs to be caught and sent to prison.