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Origami supplies question: Got any good US sources for quality origami paper?

TL;DR: Doper Origamists, what are your suggestions for finding specific kinds/colors of paper?

Iím on a bit of an origami kick ó enough of a kick that Iíd like to be able to buy some fairly specific kinds and colors of paper.
(Example of what I mean by specific: heavyweight shiny/metallic ~6Ē [~15 cm] rose red double-sided paper [red on both sides]. This example is one I actually want: iíd like to make a dozen uniform-looking red roses for my co-worker, whoís transferring to another site. But thatís just one example.)
Itís the darnedest thing, though ó I havenít found a reliable source for paper yet that lets me purchase exactly what I need ó or close to it. Iím in the LA/Orange County area of Southern California, and Iíd love any suggestions from Dopers on brick-and-mortar or online (but US-based) sources for origami paper.

Hereís what Iíve tried, and why they havenít worked:
1) Daiso (Japanese dollar store chain with lots of locations in SoCal) ó tried a bunch of locations, and itís always a crapshoot on what Iíll find. Theyíre great for finding random papers, but terrible if I have specific needs.
2) Japanese stationery stores ó there are several in the South Bay and around Costa Mesa. Theyíll often have cool papers, but, as with Daiso, itís a crapshoot.
3) Craft stores (Michaelís, Hobby Lobby, Art Supply Warehouse) ó pitiful selection from the first two, in my experience. ASW is much better, but still not specific enough.
4) Amazon ó listings are unclear/deceptive. If I canít look at the paper IRL, Iíd like to at least see clear photos of the paper and descriptions of its weight. Been burned twice buying from Amazon.
5) Other online stores ó maybe itís me, but whenever I find a promising lead through an origami YouTuber or blogger who has a link to a paper source ó or a google search ó that source seems to be Japan/UK/Europe-based. I donít want to order origami paper from outside the US ó the shipping costs are crazy, and part of why I enjoy my new hobby is that itís pretty cheap. The US-based online retailers Iíve found are about at the Amazon level in terms of specific descriptions and photos.

Thanks for any advice you have!