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I spent way more time than I'd care to admit trying to find an example of this in Formula 1. The problem is that while there have been a lot of older drivers, they generally got started later in life and in the early days of the sport, so they didn't have long careers. At the same time, young people weren't generally getting recruited because it was still a rich man's game.

After the aero advancements in the 70s, older drivers dropped out and younger drivers came in but the longest careers have only been 19 years and there have only been a few teenage drivers.

The closest I can find is in 2012, the last year of Michael Schumacher's career when he was 43 years old. Schumacher made his F1 debut at the Belgian GP on 25 Aug 1991, so we'd be looking for anyone born after that date who drove with him in 2012. The closest are 3 drivers born in 1990, Sergio Perez (26 Jan), Charles Pic (15 Feb), and Jean-Eric Vergne (25 Apr), so we're off by more than a year.

However, if we extend the rules to reserve drivers who participated in "free practice" sessions we pick up 3 drivers born in 1991 -- Max Chilton (21 Apr), Esteban Gutierrez (5 Aug), and crucially, Alexander Rossi (25 Sep).

So in 2 races in 2012 (Spain and US), there was a driver (Alexander Rossi) who shared the track with someone who started in F1 before they were born.

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