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Originally Posted by dogbutler View Post
And bring us a shrubbery!")
And when you do they'll just want


(Always loved that scene.)

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ruble, you are a true professional; which means your bosses, as you describe them, will probably write you up for something...
Probably later today and how they word it may sound good but its going to amount to "for thinking". Remember when I got to work on the first just to find out our shift was cancelled because of a lack of volume/packages? I noticed that it was worded on our beloved "Hub" as an "excused absence" instead of a "lack of work" which is how things like that are usually noted. I got that odd feeling something hinky was afoot and warned everyone to watch your paycheck for last week when we get it (today/tomorrow). Yeppers ---- they used that to nip us out of our promised 18 hours per week. I am told that angry mobs with pitchforks and torches already have descended on HR. Basically they used that as the excuse to cheat 200+ people out of 3-4 hours pay. For me its not a biggie but some of my coworkers actually count on this for things like food, medication, and other silly things you humans desire like this months gas bill. I submitted my complaint nicely but I don't expect everyone did and I am betting a few invoked my name as in "Old Kopek told us you were going to pull something like this"!

If I am back posting before 8pm its because TPTB (one in particular who has been skimming and scamming the system since she arrived) pushed that magic button deactivating my badge.