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When I picked the 'boys' up from the groomers yesterday I took them up to the front desk to visit with the wife half of the couple who own the pet store. We had to pass by the puppies for sale area, and there was a Chi-hooa-hooa pup in one of the cages and Vinnie and Gibbs wanted that pup soooo bad! And he wanted to be their friend so bad too.
At $600 a pop (pup) it ain't happening.
We've had a couple of opportunities in the last couple of years to acquire another canine overlord for free and had to pass. One was even another mini Schnauzer whose human had shuffled off. But we just can't. These two are more than enough of a circus for 2 doddering old people to handle. *le sigh*

Dinner tonight will be petite sirloins with a salad and prolly baked N.O.T.s. I like steak, but Wifey lurves 'em, so when they were on sale at $2.99/lb I got a bunch and stuck them in the freezer. I reckon it's time to eat a couple.

Now to decide what to do with the rest of my day. I need to go to the sto for more TP, and maybe english muffins. I should start on the pile of paper upstairs waiting to filed. I doubt that I will though.