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Howdy Y'all! Laptop got shipped off to HP this afternoon. The box they sent was waaaaay to small, dumbasses. So I took laptop over to FedEx and they got it boxed up, slapped the shippin' label on, and got it started on its way to Texass. Now we wait and see what happens next. In other news, JDD last survivin' uncle died this past Sunday and the graveside service is tomorrow mornin' in large and in charge Dawson, Jawja. I cannot attend due to the fact I have a doc appointment in the mornin' an hour before the service. However, I made a sour cream pound cake, deviled aigs (cause one cannot properly grieve in the southern U.S.of A. without deviled aigs), and some N.O.T. sallit for him to take to his aunt's house tomorrow to help feed the ravenous, grievin' hoard after the service. Ham, fried chikin, assorted vegetative matter, various other side matter, and desserts are also bein' provided by sundry folk. Again, when one dies in these parts it is imperative those left behind both grieve and gorge themselves.

We have supped and chill mode now ensues.

Juliet yay for impendin' aunthood!