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Originally Posted by Spiderman View Post

Guns you've got, too. Iffn you have any money is your last name Zevon?
Billions. Hundreds of billions; thousands of billions. Problem is I got it from someone named Patrick Chinamasa.

And I was right; we did all get screwed. Just so a couple people could pad their pockets. Oh well; unless someone makes it a class-action like the AMZL drivers did there isn't much sense spending much time wondering about it.

That is the little-known secret of Amazon; our bosses pay really isn't that good. Your best course of action is cheating and lying to the workers so you earn "bonuses" -- sometimes 2-3x your base pay. Just don't get caught cheating your fellow bosses too badly or you get fired like the one late-and-not-lamented guy. Us -- no-one cares.