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Around the time To Catch a Predator was aired my niece was a very young teen and arguing for unmonitored internet access. My sister had been requiring a parent sit alongside my niece while she was on the internet to monitor her.

I proposed a test. I created a bare bones online account purporting to be a 13 year old teen girl. No photos. No social media. Nothing but the one account. And I logged into a Homework Help chat room and waited. Didn't say a thing. Let's see what would happen.

It took six minutes for a stranger to initiate a conversation. Within the course of that chat he said he was a school teacher and provided a G-rated photo of himself. And he admitted to previously engaging in sexual contact with a student in the school building where he taught.

I notified authorities in the state where he lived and they took over the account. The man was identified and prosecuted for sexual assault and for attempt to entice. He served several years in prison.

Six minutes.

The authorities asked me one other question. Who were these other people my account chatted with? One had sent them a dick pic. Those two other accounts were of adult men who initiated a conversation with a stranger who they thought was a 13 year old girl. All had initiated contact within that first six minutes.