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Originally Posted by filmore View Post
I think the issue is that InfoWars is listed in the Roku channel listing. Roku isn't like a browser where you point it at some random address and it displays what is presented. Roku has some criteria for channels to be added to the official list that Roku users can find in the Search feature of the Roku box. It is possible to add unofficial channels to your Roku, but that is a manual step.

A browser analogy would be if InfoWars came up as one of the official tiled sites in the New Tab screen on a fresh install. It's one thing if you manualy enter the InfoWars url as a bookmark, but it's different if Chrome ships with an InfoWars bookmark built in.

By allowing InfoWars to be easily searchable from the Roku interface, it means it's much easier for InfoWars to find an audience. Although some savvy users could add it manually, most customers would give up if InfoWars did not return any search results.
You're right. I had actually incorrectly thought that infowars was a private Roku channel, not a public one.