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Originally Posted by Chefguy View Post
I'll have to check it out. We don't use smart phones, so landline is how people reach us. We do have basic flip phones with AT&T, but don't generally give out those numbers. I'd swap the landline over to AT&T (who I'm also paying for iPad connection), but want to keep my current number. Now that I think of it, I'm probably over $400/mo for all the damn electronic connections and services. It's insane.
You can still have a "home" phone without it being a land line. When our kids were younger and everyone knew our land line number we moved to a flip phone (cellular) that sat on a charger in the same place and with the same number as our old land line. The kids could also take it if they needed a phone for some reason and we could confuse the heck out of my mom when we went on vacation and told her to just call the home number if she needed us . This was about 15 years ago so I'm pretty sure you could do the same. Plus it tied into our other cell plans and had unlimited talk and long distance so it cost maybe $10 extra per month over our cell plan way back then. $400 is about 4 times what it sounds like you should be spending.

To address the OP. A hint I stumbled upon is I got an Amazon Fire Replay (OTA DVR) and put it in a guest room on the second floor. I put the antenna in a window with a clear "line of sight" to the broadcast antennas. There isn't even a TV in that room, but I can stream the OTA signal to all of my TV's... even the ones in the basement that couldn't get a good signal with an antenna down there.

We have a basement bar/game room with 2 Big TV's (50" and 65") and we can watch pretty much what you would see in a sports bar using a combo of Sling TV and OTA (through the DVR).