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Benji vs. the Littlest Hobo

Which dog (or rather, which series of stray-dog-helps-people films/TV shows) is better? Some criteria to consider:
  • Looks. Benji is a small brown mutt, a bit ungainly but cute. The Littlest Hobo is a short-haired, grey and white German Shepherd—not cute, but arguably majestic-looking.
  • Smarts. Both dogs are unusually intelligent, with the capacity to understand humans' intentions and feelings, and to solve complex problems through long-term planning. Both have single-handedly discovered and foiled a number of criminal schemes.
  • Theme songs. Benji's got "I Feel Love", a catchy, Golden Globe–winning feel-good country number. The Littlest Hobo has "Maybe Tomorrow" a si4milarly infectious tune that somehow manages to be both haunting and upbeat.
Overall I'd say it's a toss-up, so I'm heading to the Dope to get opinions from the hippest, smartest people on the planet. What other criteria should we consider, and which dog is the overall winner?